Doctorate in Accounting

A Ph.D. in accounting will involve heavy research, writing, and analysis in mathematics, accounting, economics, business, statistics, and research methods. A Ph.D. in accounting requires students to make a unique contribution to the field in the form of original research and analysis.

Ph.D. in Accounting Requirements

Can you get a doctorate in accounting? See if you meet the requirements and find out if you can begin your application. If you don’t, never fear: There’s always the chance to start from scratch with an undergraduate degree or take additional courses so you meet the requirements.

Can you get a doctorate in accounting with just a bachelor’s degree? It depends on the program. Your transcripts will have to show that you have taken a significant number of accounting courses, which is why many people pursue a Ph.D. after obtaining a master’s degree. While there some schools that will accept you without a background in accounting, they will require additional coursework to build a solid accounting foundation. Almost all doctorate in accounting schools will require good GMAT scores for admission.

Who Gets a Ph.D. in Accounting?

Students who pursue a Ph.D. in accounting typically have some common traits.

  • They aspire to teach accounting at a college or university.
  • They want to engage in serious professional development as an accountant or business leader.
  • They are inspired by the idea of conducting original accounting research and pursuing an area of specialization.
  • They have a knack for complex analyses of accounting and economics trends.

Students who earn this degree are uniquely prepared to work in a collegiate setting, but there are many other settings they might work in as advisors, consultants, and teachers.

Ph.D. in Accounting Salary Possibilities

Once you earn a Ph.D. in accounting, salary is dependent on the job title. Here are a few examples of common jobs held by people with Ph.D.s and their average salary:

College and University Professors

These jobs are in high demand due to a shortage.

  • Assistant professor: $95,268
  • Associate professor: $100,066
  • Professor: $118,344

Consultants, Analysts, and Advisors

There is expected to be 12% growth in this field. The average salary is around $78,600.

Public Policy Researchers

This research position can be offered in a variety of settings, which will affect yearly salary. The median salary for this position is $54,347, and the top salaries are around $84,000.

Choosing a Program

If the descriptions of jobs, courses of study, and salaries sound appealing to you, the next step is finding a program that fits you. Whether you choose to apply to online Ph.D. accounting programs or an in-person program at your dream university, you’ll want to make sure that courses align with your goals and that the class schedules and workloads fit with your lifestyle. Explore our guides to learn more about accounting careers and choosing the best program for you.