Masters In Accounting

Getting a master’s in accounting can be a wise decision for people who hold a bachelor’s degree. If you have taken classes like financial accounting, managerial accounting, and intermediate accounting, you are prepared to earn a master’s in accounting, which could open up a number of exciting new career options. In many cases, you may have to pass the GMAT exam as well, but getting a master’s degree is more convenient than ever thanks to the possibilities created by online accounting master’s programs.

What to Look for in an Online Master’s in Accounting Program

You may have some concerns about opting for an online school versus a brick-and-mortar institution, but you can certainly find an excellent online master’s in accounting program with a little research. The thing that will set apart the best online accounting degree programs is the curriculum, but you should also take into account tuition costs, career opportunities, and wage expectations. You’ll want to make sure that your master’s in accounting online program includes these subjects:

  • Research
  • Taxation
  • Policy
  • Business valuation
  • Information techniques
  • Auditing
  • Consulting providers
  • Financial and managerial accounting

A well-rounded program will cover these subjects in addition to your area of specialization.

Master’s in Accounting Specializations

In most cases, you will choose an area of specialization when you enroll to earn a master’s degree in accounting. Online programs can include some of the following areas to choose from:

  • Cost AccountingThis specialized area of expertise involves analyzing the cost of merchandise made or bought by a company.
  • Financial Accounting: People in this field report on revenue and represent an organization’s efficiency to managers and stakeholders.
  • Forensic AccountingForensic accounting is a great match for those who have an interest in criminal justice as well as accounting. You will get to interpret business and monetary proof to present evidence as an expert witness.
  • Management Accounting: These accountants manage all financial issues within a company and are largely responsible for its success.
  • Public Accounting: Public accountants might work for a firm or own their own practice. Their daily duties largely depend on their clients, but they may be involved in auditing, tax planning, and consulting.

Choosing a Master’s in Accounting Online Program

When choosing an online accounting master’s program, you should first have a clear idea of your career path. Which area of accounting are you interested in?

You likely already have a related bachelor’s degree, but if not, you should first look into those programs if your ultimate goal is a master’s. Consider which undergraduate courses you liked best. If you already have a job in accounting, can you see yourself getting a promotion, or are you interested in working in a specialized area? The answers to these questions can help you determine which programs will best fit you and can help you as you research possibilities.

There are a few other factors you may want to consider when choosing an online master’s accounting program, too. You might want to find out where alumni are working and learn more about the staff involved in the program. It’s also helpful to take a look at the expected workload and see if it fits your schedule.

Remember that online programs offer great convenience for those who have full-time jobs or do not live close to a university while still offering a highly valuable and rigorous degree program. Explore our guides to learn more about advanced degrees in accounting, online study, and how to plan your future.